97% of organizations in the world were attacked on mobile devices in 2020, the cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies Ltd said.

In Mobile Security Report 2021, Check Point experts investigated the latest threats targeting corporate mobile devices and provided an overview of the main trends in mobile malware, vulnerabilities and government-level cyber attacks, according to a press release sent to RB.RU.

The shift to mass remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sharp increase in mobile attacks, with the result that 97% of organizations are facing threats from multiple directions at once, the company said. Check Point predicts that 60% of all office workers will be mobile by 2024, so protecting mobile devices should be a priority for organizations.

“The past year has shown that the landscape of mobile threats continues to expand, and today almost every organization is facing attacks,” said Vasily Diaghilev, Head of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and the CIS.

“Cybercriminals are beginning to actively use the new trend and adapt their attack methods to it so that they can gain access to corporate data through end-users’ and often personal mobile devices. Organizations should seriously think about their protection, ”added Diaghilev.

According to Check Point, nearly half of the world’s organizations were affected by malicious mobile apps: in 46% of companies, at least one employee downloaded a malicious app in 2020, thereby compromising corporate data and the organization’s network as a whole.

The company also recorded an increase in the number of mobile malware: in 2020, the activity of banking Trojans capable of stealing the credentials of mobile banking users increased by 15%. Cybercriminals often distribute mobile malware, including mobile remote access trojans (MRATs), banking Trojans, and premium dialers through apps allegedly related to COVID-19.