Users of Android smartphones were warned about the dangers of automatically saving payment card information, as this could lead to information leakage to cybercriminals. Experts from Hi-Tech told about it on Tuesday, April 27th.

According to them, in order to protect themselves, systems should be prohibited from storing and transferring information about maps to third-party sites. This can be done in the settings of the Chrome mobile browser by going to the “Payment Methods” section. There you should deactivate the item that allows automatic saving and filling of payment data.

In addition, experts advise to prevent sites from checking for saved payment data on the device. To do this, you need to open the section “Confidentiality and Security” and deactivate the item “Access to payment methods”, the site notes .

The experts also recommended that Android users open the Flags menu in the browser by typing in Chrome: // flags in the address bar. After that, you need to find and activate the items Credit card autofill ablation experiment and Enable offering upload of autofill credit cards. If you do these manipulations, third-party sites will no longer be able to offer to automatically fill in payment information, and this setting is synchronized on all gadgets, the website writes .

In the same menu, it is recommended to activate the Safety Check on Android option, which is responsible for safe web browsing. In addition, it informs the user about disclosed passwords and other data in the event of a leak, writes Ridus .

On April 16, experts from Census IT Security Works warned that owners of Android smartphones using WhatsApp versions prior to are at risk of being hacked remotely . Users were encouraged to update the app.