Data is one of the most valuable parts of information systems. Almost every organization in this industry uses some sort of database-driven web application. Structured Query Language or SQL is used to store, retrieve, and process data in a database.

What is SQL Injection?

SQL injection is used to attack data driven applications by inserting large numbers of malicious SQL statements into the execution field. This code injection technique helps hackers destroy the database as a vital part of any organization.

SQL injection is also a type of hacking attack known as injection attacks or web hacking technique. This attack inserts malicious code into the database by entering data into a web page.

Hackers can easily pass security tests and get data from SQL database. They can also add, modify and delete records in the database.

The database can be any of MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. SQL injection attacks usually work with dynamic SQL statements. These attacks can also harm the entire system if it is poorly designed.

If a website or application is poorly designed, these attacks can harm the entire system. 

Types of SQL injection

SQL injection based on errors

In this type of injection, a hacker analyzes various operations and finds an error pattern in the database. Then he / she gains access to it to hack / damage the base ..

Classic SQL injection

In this method, a hacker uses the results from the database and breaks into the database to get things done. This is also referred to as in-band SQL injection.

Join SQL injection

This technique is also part of in-band SQL injection. In this method, the user concatenates the request and returns the result as part of the HTTP response.

Inferential SQL injection

This is one of the most dangerous types of SQL injection. Here, hackers do not use stripe to get data from the database. They can change the structure of the database by observing the database models. This attack takes longer.

Time Based Blind SQL Injection

This SQL injection method is used by hackers to place data. Here the hacker gives the database time to complete the request. This makes this attack slow in nature.

Out-of-band SQL injection

This is not a very common attack. It is usually used in situations where a hacker needs to use different channels to attack and obtain results. These methods depend on the ability of the database server to make DNS or HTTP requests to deliver data to the hacker.

Just remember that database creation is the most important step. If you carefully follow standard security practices, the chances of data loss will be greatly reduced.