Tesla has sued its former employee Alex Khatilov and accused him of stealing confidential information. This was  reported by CNBC with reference to the database of the federal court for the Northern District of California.

Khatilov was hired by the company as a software engineer on December 28, 2020. Three days later, I copied the files in the Python programming language to my cloud storage Dropbox, about 26 thousand files in total. In early January, the employee was already fired, the TV channel specifies.

Later Khatilov in an interview with the New York Post  said that the files were in his “cloud” by mistake. He allegedly wanted to back up the folder on his computer, but accidentally moved it to Dropbox (the programmer was working remotely). 

Tesla doesn’t believe in unintentional copying. The downloaded files contained data that the company believed would be of interest to competitors and provide a roadmap for replicating Tesla’s innovations. When the security service informed Khatilov about suspicions of stealing files, he removed the possible evidence, shares the details with CNBC.

Yesterday it became known that the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, promised to pay $ 100 million to the developers of the most efficient method for capturing carbon dioxide.