The reason for the recent data leakage of more than 530 million users of the social network Facebook was not hacker hacking into its systems, but the so-called web scraping. This is stated in a message from the social network, published on its official website on Tuesday, April 6.

The company explained that cybercriminals gained access to information by extracting data from Internet resources.

“It is important to understand that attackers obtained information not by hacking into our systems, but by extracting data from our platform,” the statement said.

Earlier, on April 3, it became known about the leak of personal data and phone numbers of more than 500 million Facebook users, in particular, almost 10 million users from Russia. A company representative then said that the information was extracted due to a vulnerability that was fixed in 2019. In total, users from 106 countries were affected.

In August 2020, cybersecurity experts discovered the data of more than 150 million users of social networks Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn in the public domain.