The cybercriminals have come up with a new scheme to steal money from cards using the BlaBlaCar service. If the user has violated the rules of the application, scammers can take all the funds. It is reported by ” RIA Novosti “.

Thieves can take advantage of the credulity of not only those who are going to go by car, but also those who want to transfer something. According to the news agency, one girl found a driver through the service to transfer the parcel to another city. He asked for an advance, which is prohibited by the rules, but the client still transferred 1,400 rubles to him.

After that, the man said that the amount was too large, he was ready to return the change not to the card, but right in the service. The driver assured that it would be safer this way. Soon after, he sent the girl a link with the logo of the application. She was required to enter the card number and CVV code. She did not indicate this data.

According to experts interviewed by the news agency, this was an attempt to steal funds. Vyacheslav Shlyago, a partner at the Moscow law firm Shcheglov and Partners, lawyer, noted that the service can return the service fee only if the trip is canceled due to the driver’s fault. Director of the Center for Financial Culture Elena Feoktistova also said that this does not require clicking on links to third-party sites.

The chief expert of Kaspersky Lab, Sergey Golovanov, said that a similar scheme appeared several months ago. At the same time, scammers do not hack the service itself.

“Attackers create a separate page on the Internet, most often with a similar design and site name. It is to him that the victim is redirected, ”Golovanov commented.

Expert of the ONF project “For the Rights of Borrowers” Mikhail Alekseev recalled that fraudsters will be able to write off all funds, having received card data and codes. At the same time, BlaBlaCar Marketing Director Mikhail Dobrov noted that if you follow the security rules of the service, then the likelihood of falling for the tricks of intruders is excluded.

“Directly in the process of booking a seat with a fellow traveler, we warn users several times that it is impossible to prepay a trip (pop-up), provide fellow travelers with payment data and discuss the details of the trip in other messengers. And one more thing: it is forbidden to send parcels through the BlaBlaCar service, ”he stressed.