Telegram has allowed its users to export chats from other messengers, for example, from WhatsApp, Line or KakaoTalk. This is reported in the messenger update notification in the App Store.

After updating the Telegram app, users will also have new features such as deleting groups they have created for all members, secret chats from the chat list and call history. It will be possible to adjust the volume of voice messages for individual participants, and also to complain about channels posing as official groups of famous people or organizations.

The ability to transfer chat history to Telegram is being launched against the backdrop of the upcoming update of WhatsApp’s privacy policy. The messenger has already lost  more than 30 million users since the beginning of this year  . At the same time, in the first week of January, Telegram ‘s audience  exceeded  500 million monthly active users.

Back on January 8, WhatsApp  added a  clause to the user agreement, according to which the personal data of the messenger users will be transferred to Facebook. But due to massive user dissatisfaction, the changes were postponed until May 2021.