A Mac, running on the newly introduced chip M1, can be hacked via the browser – such a conclusion came researchers in the field of cyber security at Cornell University .

Apple’s new computers were susceptible to attacks even if JavaScript was disabled in the browser. The vulnerability allows hackers to see a user’s web activity using a function in the sequence of data packets. This way you can not only bypass JavaScript, but also privacy technologies such as VPN and TOR.

The researchers tested Intel Core, AMD Ryzen, Samsung Exynos and Apple M1 platforms . It turned out that all processors are somehow vulnerable to such a hack, but most of all – Apple M1 and Samsung Exynos chips.

Earlier, researchers at Red Canary discovered that tens of thousands of Macs around the world are infected with the Silver Sparrow virus. So far, it represents only a potential danger, since it is in sleep mode and only exchanges data with the hackers’ control servers.