Columnist and former Chicago mayor’s office reporter Ray Hanania published a column in Suburban Chicagoland calling the popular Neighborhood Social Network Nextdoor a platform for bullies. According to him, some users of the service can belittle others for their beliefs.

The journalist noted that he  joined the service several years ago. Hanania complained that neighbors who dislike his views dominate the discussion and can appoint “caretakers” who use their powers to censor. In addition, he expressed the opinion that various companies advertise on social networks, and do not provide objective information about who does their work better. According to the reporter, you may even be blocked for criticizing contractors.

He spoke about the results of a user survey, during which more than 75% said that they do not dare to post messages on the platform, but actively follow it, as it is one of the few resources for obtaining information about what is happening specifically in your area. The observer recalled that earlier this function was performed by the media.

Nextdoor is a social network that connects neighbors based on their location. The platform allows people who live in the same area to exchange information and communicate.

Nextdoor also has a news feed so you can check what’s going on with your neighbors or buy products from local entrepreneurs. Various information is published on the network – from lost keys to photos of thieving raccoons raiding houses. It is also a place where neighbors exchange recommendations. Launched in 2011 in the US, the platform is now available in 11 countries.