Information leaks have always been a problem historically, and they were no less serious for the people associated with them. Executions, persecution, war, loss of property, etc. Over time, the volume of engagement has increased.

Now, having heard about the next leak, not only royal persons and those close to them, but we ourselves are in a hurry with personal interest to find out if our confidential information has been affected.

All security professionals know the classic triad of confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) or confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA). It is applied to the place and not very much, but few people know where it came from at all?

This is not taught in universities, but it would be worth it. Then it would become clear that this concept is already a little outdated and not a dogma.

The basis of information security is the triad of properties – Integrity, Accessibility, Confidentiality. The same set of requirements for secrets has been presented throughout history.

CIA is a model on which the whole information security is based.Each and every term we use about info security is designed in accordance to CIA triad. CIA triad is a simple model which helps us to ensure the security of our data CIA includes three major features of information security which are given and defined below:-

 In CIA triad 
 I stands for INTEGRITY
 A stands for AVAILABILITY

CONFIDENTIALITY:- When we talk about confidentiality we try to make our data confidential i.e. protecting our data from being exposed to an unauthorized person with any type of attack based on data breech or insider threat.

Confidentiality covers the security of access controls and measures, that protects your information from getting misused by any unauthorized access.A failure in confidentiality can cause some serious devastation.

Some info security basics to make data confidential are Password, Encryption, Two Factor verification, bio-metric verification etc.

INTEGRITY:- When we talk about integrity of data that means about the accuracy and completeness of data. The Security applied in integrity prevents data from being modified or misused by an unauthorized person.

Integrity maintains the trustworthiness and consistency over whole life cycle of data.The steps are taken so that data cannot be altered by unauthorized person.

Some info security basics to make your data integral are Encryption, User access control, Version control, Backup and recovery procedure and error detection software etc.

AVAILABILITY:- When we talk about availability it means whenever the information system is needed it must be available to authorized users.Availability ensures the timely and uninterrupted access to the information system.

Mostly the threats to availability are non malicious in nature and can be hardware failures, unscheduled software downtime and network bandwidth issue.DOS(Daniel of Service) attack is one of the availability attack that can be done by an attacker.

This is all about the CIA triad if all the security provided to a information system is according to CIA triad then there are very minimal chances of risk to a information system.

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